A Digital Camcorders Review – What You Should Know Before You Buy

There has been such rapid changes and improvements in the field of camcorders over the last ten years or so that it may be confusing when you start looking to buy one today. There are a handful of competing formats that you should be aware of and know what they mean before you buy. So here is a digital camcorders review on what you should know before you buy:

* First of all the old bulky VHS camcorders of yesteryear are gone. They have given way to much improved versions that are lighter, smaller and produce much better video. However, you can still use VHS tapes for playback if you choose a VHS-C type of camcorder. This is an analog camcorder that records to tape that can be used in a VCR but the tape itself is small and compact to eliminate the big bulk of the old VHS camcorders, Once you record the video, you just place it into an adapter that lets you pop it into the VCR just as you would with any movie and view your video. Although they are small and compact, these are some of the most inexpensive camcorders that are available today and can be had for just a couple hundred dollars at many places both online and offline.

* 8mm camcorders also record to tape but the tapes are even smaller than those used by VHS-C camcorders. The disadvantage is that you can not play them through the VCR, but you can connect the camcorder straight to the TV and play it that way. Hi8 camcorders are just more advanced, better quality versions of an 8mm camcorder that produces the very best picture and sound that you can get this side of digital itself.

* Digital camcorders – These are currently the most expensive camcorders available but they are also becoming surprisingly more affordable too as time goes on. They record video images in digital format which allows them to be much more vivid and sharp, and the sound is vastly improved over the old analog camcorders. Because everything is recorded digitally there is no loss of detail when copies are made and this is a big advantage for some. Of course digital files themselves would take up huge amounts of disk space, so most digital camcorders still record to tape for the extra storage space capacity that tapes offer. The miniDV category of digital camcorders is extremely small and records to tapes that are even smaller than 8mm, while still recording hours worth of video at a time.

So many people think that all camcorders they find are now digital camcorders, but as this digital camcorders review indicates, you can still run across a lot of analog camcorders out there as well, and they are usually easily spotted by their lower price. If they will do the job for you, that may be all you need. But if you want the best audio and video possible consider either the miniDV or the 8mm digital camcorder instead.

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